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Very often some people from abroad asked me about the life in Ukraine. It used to be so often, that I decided to write this article. I really don't know why are they so interested in my country. There is nothing good now. The government and the president Poroshenko turned the lives of 90% Ukrainians into total hell.

 I don't watch TV (total trash), there is nothing useful. I can't say that exactly foreign channels show or say about Ukraine. I can't compare, because all I will tell You about, only my vision of the current situation here. In any case I love this part of the planet, I love the nature in Ukraine and I respect honest and hard-working Ukrainian people, who are still living here.


I already hear the loud voices of those who will read this. "This is impossible!" Alas, my friend, all is possible... in Ukraine. So, You wanna know how the ordinary Ukrainians live here. Beware! This is total crazy thing. Please, note, that I'm not talking about 10% of lucky beggars who have rich parents and they have good carefree lives.

Imagine two old people. Husband and wife, who had been working about 40 years for this stupid country. They are ill and can't work too hard any more. So they get the social help from the government - we called it 'pension'. The average pension is about 1500-3200 UAH. This is about $55.55-118.52.

In winter time people here have to use gas to heat their houses or flats. So, return to our husband and wife. Common income is 4700UAH (the ordinary retiree in Ukraine gets 1,5-2 times less compare with the retiree in Russia ). The utility fees only for gas every month is 3200UAH, + water, + electricity, so You get the sum about 3500-3700UAH every month. Let's make the calculations: both  husband and wife has only 1000UAH for food and the clothes. Continuing my calculations: bread - 11-15UAH per 600gr. Sunflower oil 30UAH per 800gr, cabbage - 20UAH kilo, onion 18-20UAH kilo. Do You already feel that I'm trying to say?

The recreation and the travelling to the other countries are too expensive for many people. Yes, it's unbelievable. But this is true. Every ordinary foreigner could buy the property here without any issues. I know how much costs the property abroad. To buy an ordinary house starts from $180 000-250 000. Believe me, this amount of money the ordinary Ukrainian can see only in his dreams. For people who the whole day work at the offices or at the factories, this is an improbable sum. The ordinary people here need to live 5 more lives to get the sum like this. Do You still believe me? Just try!

Young people who live in small cities have no opportunity to move to big cities where they can get better job. Why? Let's calculate: the average salary in Kiev for mere mortal is 6000-10000UAH. The rent of the flat is about (in good safe district) about 5000-7000 in Kiev, for example. So, has it any sense to move to another city to look for a job??? Yes, there are salaries about 20000+ UAH, but You have to be a God to get it. As for me the salaries in my industry are too low. No sense to work at the Ukrainian offices. The projects are not interesting at all, the salaries are low, the attitude towards the employees is terrible at most companies. Working for someone here will never let your dreams come true. Forget about cars, buying the property or even the recreation on the seaside. And also forget about the travelling to the European countries. Now it became impossible for the ordinary Ukrainians to travel around the country. Don't You still believe me?

Can You imagine, that even the people who have a regular job have to buy the clothes only in second-hand, because the taxes, fees and the prices for food are so hight, the there is no matter how hard you would work and how much you will earn.

I made a little research thanks to some videos from Youtube there people told about the life and the prices in Australia and Canada.

Let's remove the currency symbol and count the prices. The average salary in Canada, Australia and Ukraine is about 2900.

But the sunflower oil in Australia costs from A$4.5. Oil that was delivered form Russia!!! In Ukraine - Ukrainian sunflower oil costs 28-30UAH. Did You understand that I meant? Ok. If we return the currency symbol the sunflower oil in Ukraine has to cost about 4-5UAH, not 30! Am I clear? Now You can imagine how much people here pay only for food. Yes, we have European prices, but we don't get the European salaries and the pensions. This is the reason.

My opinion: Ukraine never had a good government or the president. And I don't see any reasons to work for such stupid country and for stupid employers. Poroshenko managed to turn most Ukrainians into beggars during last 5 years. People can't find good job here, so they had to move abroad and work in Poland, Czech Republic, Italy or Germany.

(c) Wind OfDestiny

Разрешите Вам представить ОЧЕНЬ талантливого и творческого человека. Он не только вернул к жизни мои любимые пары обуви, за которые у нас никто не брался (а купить снова спустя время или достать такие же - зачастую практически невозможно), но сделал мне пару обуви по эскизу. Смотрите фото ниже .


Эксклюзивный пошив Обуви, Сумок. Ремонт кожаных изделий, а также обувь нестандартных размеров.

Индивидуальный пошив – это выбор своего стиля, воплощение своих желаний и фантазий. Спрос на стильную обувь огромен. Уже 15 лет салон-ателье «ZHERDEV» предлагает своим клиентам индивидуальный пошив обуви и сумок.

Сайт мастера - Обувь, которую Вы видите ниже, сделана в мастерской Николая Жердева.

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I have a crazy dream to publish my two books in China. The books are in Russian. So I'm looking for people, who can be my promoters or the partners and I could find some publish agencies or libraries, that can show my books to many readers from China. I also hope that my books will help people from Asia to learn Russian language. I also have a screenplay in English based on my first novel. Please, contact me via contact form on, if You are interested in my idea. 

Разрешите Вам представить ОЧЕНЬ талантливого и творческого человека. Он не только вернул к жизни мои любимые пары обуви, за которые у нас никто не брался (а купить снова спустя время или достать такие же - зачастую практически невозможно), но сделал мне пару обуви по эскизу. Смотрите фото ниже .


Эксклюзивный пошив Обуви, Сумок. Ремонт кожаных изделий, а также обувь нестандартных размеров.

Индивидуальный пошив – это выбор своего стиля, воплощение своих желаний и фантазий. Спрос на стильную обувь огромен. Уже 15 лет салон-ателье «ZHERDEV» предлагает своим клиентам индивидуальный пошив обуви и сумок.

Сайт мастера - Обувь, которую Вы видите ниже, сделана в мастерской Николая Жердева.

Dear friends, if you never lived and worked in Ukraine, it's your right to believe or not believe this article. What will be described here is not a fairy tale (nightmare), not an invention and certainly is not my imagination.

Perhaps you are watching TV in your country and believe everything the media is talking about. But I'm not that kind of person. I don't watch TV. The real life of the ordinary Ukrainians will be described here.

I guess, where the billions of dollars, that Europe gave for the development of our economy go, but believe me, no penny was invested in our economy. Everything went into the pockets of the officials. And life in my country was getting harder and harder every year. Every new president promised the prosperity for our country and and a decent standard of living. But as soon as these people came to the presidency, none of these promises were fulfilled.

Do you believe that this is possible: communal services are higher than the pension of two pensioners in Ukraine? That is, people have to pay 2 times more than their salaries or pensions.

In 2009, only a small part of the Ukrainians bought the clothes at second-hands stores. But now it is 85% of the population, which is on the verge of poverty. It does not matter how hard people will work. We have no money to travel where we want. Even for clothes and high-grade food. Because they pay a minimum salary and a pension. However, even those who's level of life is above the average, cannot afford too much. Prices for products and services are like in Europe, and sometimes even higher. However, the pensions here is not 1500 euro, but 1500 hryvna. Let's calculate: 1 euro is equal to 30 hryvna. That is, if you divide 1500 UAH into 30, you will get a pension of 50 EUR. Not everyone gets 10000 hryvna in our country. And this is only 333 dollars per month. I worked in one company for 3 years as a designer. After the crisis, my salary reduced three times, and the prices for food and clothing became 3 times higher. I barely lost my eyesight because I had to work from 8AM till 5PM without any right to have 5 minutes rest - every minute I had to work, work, work, so every day I understood that my eyes have become worse to see. I had 3 laser operations on the retina and after that I decided to leave this company. I don't know how many similar companies are in Ukraine, but I think there are many of them.

Let's talk about the pensioners. Most of them can afford to eat one potato and a piece of black bread. Do you REALLY understand how is this?

Let's go back to the second-hands shops. The highest price for the goods on the first day, when the goods just arrived. The lowest price is on the last day. So, you should know: not all people in Ukraine can afford to buy clothes in the second-hands on the first day. Because it's too expensive.

The economy of the country is in complete in ruins. People have nowhere to work. They go to Poland and the Czech Republic. In comparison with the Ukrainian salaries, they can earn 2-3 times more, but the conditions for Ukrainian workers in that countries are terrible. Many people return back very sick. Ukrainians do the worst work working in Poland and other countries. However, in Ukraine, the conditions in many companies and the salaries are even worse.

People no longer believe the government. They no longer trust anyone.

They are just trying to survive. Not many Ukrainians can afford to have a rest abroad.

To pay $1000 for a ticket can only businessmen or those who work in the government.

To start own business in Ukraine for the ordinary person is totally impossible. Because you will earn $1, but the tax will be $100. There is too much corruption and the country is ruled by the same team of people as 20 years ago. Nothing essentially was changed. The life of people has changed only for the worse. How can I explain to my friends that I cannot visit them and pay for the ticket of 1500 dollars one way? Of course, in Canada, for example, about 3500 dollars minimum wage. And in Ukraine, 100 dollars a month. How do you think, how much should a person save up for a one way ticket and somehow to survive? Those who live in Europe do not understand me, however diligently I explained the whole situation. And I understand them. Because all this looks completely absurd... but it's a truth...

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青云志 is be the most favorite Chinese TV series in my life. That was the main reason, why I translated both seasons of青云志 into Russian for the millions of fans in Russia and Ukraine. I'm not really sure about the rumors of青云志 III, but I really hope this will be the truth. Weibo and many Chinese resources are closed for registration for my country. I only can read the information, but can't post any comments.

Still... there are some moments I don't like. About the main cast. It will be the worst mistake, if the creators replace李易峰 with someone else. I can't imagine the biggest mistake than this one.

There was one terrible mistake before: to involve 马天宇 in Ice Fantasy II and make him lost his precious time. Even with his amazing talent, Ice Fantasy II couldn't be saved. The screenplay was really not enough, let's say, promising.

These kids - 李易峰 and 马天宇 - are really talented persons. Whatever they do - they do it from the heart. Hard-working and diligent.

And if you ask me, that could I do to make 青云志 III the most amazing Chinese fantasy drama - to involve both李易峰 and 马天宇 in青云志 III. So the potential of the next series will be GREAT. If you saw青云志 I and青云志 II, you have to remember the love story between Black Witch and Shu She (I hope I wrote this name properly) - Beast God, once she created. As my friend said, Beast God was very beautiful young man, as the author of the novel described him. Well, why not give this role to 马天宇 and show the story about those two? Yes, this will be very big challenge for him, but he could improve his skills and bring them to the higher level. Ma is very kind and positive person and to play this role will be a little difficult for him. Why not show the story, how Gui Li makes Shu She leave the dark side and bring him to the light and put the end of the attempts to recover the most evil being in the world? :) This is only my imagination. And I hope the creators will make the story much more better and write the screenplay, what will get the rating 10+ :). Creators, please, remember, there is too much at stake! And millions of fans around the world...

(c) Wind OfDestiny.


Let's talk about the fans. As I see it there are two types of them: let's call them active and passive.

What are ACTIVE fans (negative meaning):

- pursue their favorite actors/singers/etc and turn the life of the celebrities in total hell. Yes, let it be called that way.

- very often they ask incongruous questions about private life or insist that famous person has to show his naked body or something like that.

- they haunt their favorite actors/singers/etc and don't let them even take a breath.

This kind of fans just don't understand, that the celebrities are people too. Not the puppets and they can be sad, disappointed or happy... and they have the feelings too.

The worst thing I can tell about ACTIVE fans is that they quickly forget previous dolls if they get new one and better one. The love of active fans is just a fake. I think, that the most celebrities know about it.

What are PASSIVE fans? They are totally different. They just waiting for the next piece of art from their favorite actors/singers/etc. They will not write long stupid comments, discussing private life of the celebrity. They will not say or do something harmful towards famous people. They just love them and be with them until the death and even if their favorite actor will leave the scene. Passive fans are loyal.

Remember, dear fans: LOVE - means no harm. And if you really love your favorite actors or singers don't harm them, don't turn their lives into hell asking stupid question, writing nonsense comments, and use the cameras on your smartphones to make a photo of every their step and move.

(c) Wind OfDestiny.


I will never know, if the people whom I'd like to say this words read this part of my blog one day, but nevertheless, I will write it. 李易峰,

马天宇, please, hold on, kids! Remember: if the Universe gave this fate to you, it knows that you will withstand all difficulties and strokes of bad luck (as for me I call it in different way - good lessons, that will make you stronger). In the moments of depression, in the moments of sadness and disappointment, remember about those people, your fans, whom you can help to withstand some difficulties. Maybe one of your smile saved someone's life. 李易峰, please, don't let Xiao Fan turn into Gui Li in real life! Xiao Fan can become Gui Li, but Gui Li will never become Xiao Fan again... I've compared the photos from the past with the photos from 2017 and found out, that the sunny smile of 李易峰 is partially disappeared. :( This is the most sad news for me. I know, that it's hard to keep on smiling and live with totally broken heart, but, kid, this didn't kill you before, so, this made you stronger. 李易峰, 马天宇, I believe in you, guys. You are stronger, than you think about yourself.

Be the masters of your own destiny and never lose the faith in yourself.

(c) Wind OfDestiny. 


Now I'd like to talk about Ma Tiānyǔ 马天宇 Ma Tianyu. I consider him as the second best actor in my life after my favourite Louis de Funès. I've seen millions of comedies with different actors during my life and only one actor before Ma Tianyu could really make me laugh. His name is Louis de Funès. I only must to take a look at him and this makes me smile and have a good mood all the day. In contrast to Louis de Funès. Ma looks a little serious on official photos. He also could play proud king, business man, detective and the Prince of Ice (this is his best role indeed), an epic hero... but the role of 'Romeo' and the man who is in love is not for him. The behaviour of Shi from 'Ice Fantasy' or even Lan Shen from '古剑奇谭' proves my words. He acts according to the screenplay... but I don't believe in his 'man in love'.

Also I can say, that he is kind and very good person in real life. I can read the eyes of man. His has good sense of humor and sometimes looks like a funny teenager :) But this is good, I think.

 One more interesting fact. Ma is an androgyne (wikipedia: Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics) I know much about these people. Some of them are my friends and one of them is a prototype of the main character of my drama. So, even the cross-dressing can't hide the true identity from me. I just see who is the boy and who is the girl and no matter how much makeup on their faces or what kind of clothes they put on... But Ma is the first person who tricked me in this video 马天宇-亲爱的你在哪里. A friend of mine send me the screen-short from the second part of this video. I took a look at it and didn't understand who was this woman and what a hell did my friend send it to me. I have my own methods to distinguish the man in female dress... but that time these methods didn't work. This was the first time in my life! Well done, Ray Ma :) Good job! The life sometimes plays interesting games with me. But... Ma, You will never be able to cheat me again :)

I like his acting in this fantasy drama 古剑奇谭. His eyes, facial expression, behavior of his character made me laugh like never before! I even was afraid to drink water or eat something before my PC display :) Good job, Ma! But please, don't take any role of the man in love. I will not believe in Your acting. ;)

(c) Wind OfDestiny.


That was my answer to the author of this post (

Hi, when I've been reading this post, I already had an answer for all Your so called 'questions'.

Let's clear this up. First of all You have to understand one little, but ve-e-e-ery important thing: Feng 冯绍峰 - is an actor. And this is his job. This is his way to earn the money to live. That's all. The more different roles he will play, the more greater actor he will be. To be more clear: let's imagine one genius pastry chef, who can create beautiful and tasty cream pies. If he always creates these cream pies and never tries to create something else, a wedding cake, for example, he will never be greater pastry chef and will never improve his talents. Am I clear? So, the same will be with the actors, designers, engineers, etc, etc. If You want to gain some progress - You have to try everything that has the connections with the 'role' You had chose in Your life. This is simple, isn't it?

His role in 'Ice Fantasy' is fantastic. He plays a wise king, who can prevent the war without bloodshed. He tries to use his wisdom and brains, not sword or an army. This is really GREAT role! William Feng in his age and with his talents could never chose any stupid or nonsense roles. Believe me, I know that I'm talking about. The King Ka Sou is the example for all people, who live on this planet, for all politicians - how to live without war. From the first Episode You can see how Ka So prevented the conflict between the Ice and the Fire Tribes using his diplomacy and kindness. The strongest man is not that use his physical power, but the one who use his mind and wisdom. The screenplay is ingenious! Still, it makes me believe, what one day people, who try to rule this world will understand such simple and important things. Because the war will generate the war and the wisdom will generate the wisdom.

And the last thing: if You want to write some review, don't connect Yourself to the current actor, especially if You think that he is the most beautiful man (or woman) in the world. :) In this case the author of the article will look like a child who is disappointed in his favorite cinema-star. It's good idea to avoid so called IMHO (In My Hummable Opinion), if You really want to write good article. And it's also good idea to analyze the information deeply and try to understand the motivations of the actors when they choose any new role.

Thank You for understanding.

(c) Wind OfDestiny.


First of all I'd like to say, that I'm VERY, VERY interested in Asian cinema. Since 1995.

This Autumn I've discovered not only one beautiful Chinese drama, 'Ice Fantasy', which I considered as one of the most extraordinary story with many extraordinary plot twists and real aesthetic in every small detail, but also one of the most talented actor of nowadays - 马天宇 Ma Tianyu.

But let's talk about the Drama first and it's positive moments. So many beautiful and talented people gathered in one place, in one drama, I'd never seen before. That was my first thought. The scales of the drama were great - I saw it even I didn't know how much funds were spent to create it. The sum was really impressive... but it was worth it.


Every scene, every moment in Ice Fantasy makes me feel as if I see the beautiful pictures. A lot of beautiful pictures. Real masterpiece. There is nothing redundant. All elements took their proper places.

 It's still difficult to say, even for me, who is very familiar with fashion and creating the clothes, how many days and hours were spent to create all those costumes with many details, small elements, with big amount of hand-made parts.

The actors made the most of the tricks without the understudies. This is really amazing. Second: I know how cold was behind the scene very often. I saw the actors in some backstage videos and I was really sorry, that they had to survive somehow in such conditions. Nevertheless, they tried to keep good sense of humor. My respect!

I don't like only the action, or only the philosophy. They are have to be in good balance. And I see this balance in 'Ice Fantasy'. This is really good I think. This is the main reason that I'm in love with Asian Cinema. For many years.

The most impressive scene for me was the death of Ying Kong Shi. This scene really made me cry. Only one scene of the drama. I'm not very sensitive to such things. So I can say that the actors play VERY well. I'm a person who is VERY difficult to make cry. And this is true. Only if I believe in acting - I will feel real emotions. But as I'm a writer, this makes me to feel in a different way. It's difficult to switch my mind to something standard. That's why someone has to act REALLY sincere to make me believe. William Feng 冯绍峰 and Ma Tianyu 马天宇 did it.

As for the former King Of Ice and his wife - both characters are still unclear to me. They look like half-finished-characters. I know that they are not the main characters, but still they appear in drama very often, so it would be really good idea to make their images more clear. For example, Huagn Tuo or Xing Jiu - has their personal identities. The logic of the king's actions or words some times were difficult to understand. He suddenly changed his mind without any reasons, for example.

And I have no complaint about other characters. They are VERY good. The grandmother of Ka Sou... My lovely grandmother!!! My favorite character!!! Did You call her crazy? Don't do it anymore! She is the most wise among the others. She could predict the future and always gave good advises.



Ears and wigs! If the creators of the drama read the comments of the fans, they would knew, that the colour of the ears and the line on the faces where the wigs were attached, had different colours. The makeup was not good enough and many people saw these differences.

And in the end...

What do many people think about last episodes? Well, the fans look disappointed. And they are right. The most episodes had too many flashbacks and too much pink-sweet scenes with Ka Sou and Li Lou. And the end of this story looks too squeezed. This is not good... And the end a little... stupid. IMHO. Ka Sou had bitten his head against the wall more than 30 episodes to save his brother and to live happily ever after... but Shi suddenly (with the help of Fire King) killed him... and the story begins from its ending. Nonsense. Why all these sacrifices of Ka Sou? Last two episodes ruined all the beauty of the drama.

All are dead... Dear screenplay writers, do you think that to kill all at the end it's cool? It's not cool, believe me. And I know that many people will agree with me. Why when all these difficulties for 46 hours? It's too much... Fire King... I even don't want to talk about this character. Why did he eat all souls in second-to-last Episode and Shi killed him in last Episode? Toooooo squeezed!!!! Nonsence. Something is wrong in the state of denmark...

Yan Da... It would be difficult to imagine, how the screenplay writer hated this character! She is dying... and Shi could find only few simple words for her... So poor emotions! He looked like the telephone pole! And this is not a guilt of马天宇 Ma Tianyu - with his talent he could play this scene and made all fans around the world to cry bitter tears, but... this it's total mistake of screenplay writer. Looks like he used to be in total drinking bout.

Shi! He is so powerful! But he didn't even try to heal Yan Da. She saved his life several times, but he did nothing for her! Hey, this is too cruel! Don't You think so? Nonsense #2... or the GREAT bug of the screenplay writer. Two last episodes are really awful. And there are too much negative moments. There are too much negative in real life, but people like happy endings. Think about it, dear screenplay writers.

So in the end we see two women (are they going to fight for Ka Sou again? :)))) and a man who opened his eyes at the last moment. If the screenplay writer is going to continue this story, he has to know, that the character of the Ma Tianyu was the basis of the drama. His charismatic Ying Kong Shi made all fans around the world to sit in front of their TV, PC, laptops etc and watch this drama. This is true. And I know what I'm talking about. No Shi - 80% of the drama success will be lost. Forever... Also many people liked this drama because of the extraordinary fantasy world. I asked some people, why did they like this drama. The answer was: "I see different world, it has nothing common with the world I'm living in. It's beautiful and fantastic! I wish I could live in the same world too." This is some kind of place to escape for many people, who are tired of our reality. And I understand those people. Well, if the actions of the season 2 Ice Fantasy DESTINY takes place in our reality - I think the drama will lost its high rating. But I hope, that I'm wrong...

Modern viewers are not stupid. They all know about cool computer technologies and all these cool tricks. To make them believe in drama - is VERY difficult task... but to make them FEEL - that would be good!!!

For now I see that I see. Last 8-10 episodes gave me a clue about the ending. And I was right about it. Many important moments are missing. Too squeezed ending. Many moments are difficult to understand. No balance in the logic. All looks like a tasty cake made by professional baker and was ruined at the end by the sloppy beginner.

I still hope that I'm wrong about this drama and maybe! they will create Season #2 and don't make the same mistakes twice.

Nevertheless, I think this drama is GREAT one I ever seen in my life. Otherwise, I wouldn't spent so much time to write this review and wouldn't translate it for my friends into Russian. And I'll be waiting for the season #2. We'll see............

(c) Wind OfDestiny.

青云志 / The Legend Of Chusen I, II - review

 青云志 / The Legend Of Chusen

Also Known As: Zhu Xian; 诛仙·青云志; Qing Yun Zhi; Noble Aspirations; 
Genre: Action, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance
Episodes: 55
Broadcast network: Hunan TV
李易峰 - Zhang Xiao Fan

赵丽颖 - Bi Yao


The Legend Of Chusen I, II

This will be the most short review in my life. Why? It's simple: as I used to be the translator (into Russian) of the first season and for sure will be the translator of the season 2. I can only say, that it's the most exciting drama I've ever seen during last 20 years of my life.  Ethical, full of useful information, teaching us to think about of the consequences of our behavior; philosophical and moral. If China will create something similar, the humanity has a chance to survive. This is not only my point of view. This is the point of view of many fans. I'm not affraid to bring all this to public. I know that many people are agree with me. Keep it up, China! :)

李易峰 was the most perfect actor for this role. For now I can't imagine someone else as Zhang Xiao Fan. I watch many movies and series with
李易峰  in main cast, but  青云志 / The Legend Of Chusen  till now is his the most epic cast. Unfortunately, is closed for Ukraine and there is no chance for me to register there and send all positive comments from our audience with gratitude. From people, who watched Season 1 and Season 2.  All actors were PERFECT!  They all did their job with a mark  100000+! Maybe, one day someone from China read these review and the creators will think about Season 3 ;)

The only matter, that makes me sad, is that there is no way for Ukrainian fans to register in and say THANK YOU to all actors, director and screenplay writer and other people, who take part in creation of this drama. This is really wonderful, AMAZING masterpiece! I translated Season 1 and now translating Season 2 for all fans from Russia and Ukraine, who don't know English. All these people are eagerly waiting for the next episode. This is the greatest Chinese drama! 1000000000+!!!!

And I don't understand those people, who rated this wonderful and amazing series with only one star.  These people... looks like they are  off their heads: 
(c) Wind OfDestiny.

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