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You can find some basic information about me and
my skills. 

Name: Helene

Contacts: please, contact me via the page CONTACTS or use 

any social networks, listed at the bottom of the page.


- 1997-2002, Kiev National University Of Technology And Design, 

Master Of Techology And Design of Woman Clothes

- 2005-2008, IT Academy SHAG, Nikolaev,

web-designer, 2D designer.

My Skills:

- Expert in Adobe Photoshop (PC platform), Xara Designer Pro, Dreamweaver, Mobirise.  Adobe Flash, Corel X6 - basic.

- 15+ years experience working as graphic designer

- Posses basic photography, photo editing and color correction abilities

- HTML coding in content management systems, responsive web design, and email marketing

- can make some basic PC maintenance like OS reinstalling, set up and configure  the software, basic experience in LAN maintenance, PC parts replacement and computer assembly

- basic knowledges in Adobe Audition: writing, mixing and enhance the audio tracks

- Organized and articulate communication skills

Last Compahy I Worked For:

2013 - 2016 PIC Distribution (, BudmonsteR ( 

Position: graphic designer, web-designer

My Duties:

- to establish the conceptual and stylistic execution for projects and campaigns

- to work in conjunction with the fellow Junior Designers on all design solutions including, but not limited to, brand development, packaging, web, digital, and retail solutions

- to report to the Managing Director, collaborates with the entire creative team on overall cross-media solutions

- create inspiring, strategic, and innovative ideas for the company

- to know and to investigate, innovate, and develop trends in creative projects with an emphasis on brand development, packaging, web, print, digital and retail solutions

- responsible for the quality of execution and quality of thinking and creative

- come up with the best creative and innovative solutions achieved within budget

- responsible for seeing the idea through the creative process to final sign off

- manage multiple projects and meet aggressive deadlines

- set up and configure the software 


- I prefer to stay a freelancer or to work under the contract.  

I get the task, You set the deadline and I made all I can to create the designs before the deadline. That's all. But I willigly consider other proposals.


- music recording, bass-guitar, hand-made gothic accessories, translating subtitles for serials, books and songs writing, design of the clothes

I also believe that the best work is done in a fun, supportive, collaborative environment, where everyone has the chance to evolve and grow into greater opportunities. Nevertheless, I prefer to work at home in quiet place - in this case the level of my creativity will highly increase and I can make my job more quickly.

Some Additional IMPORTANT Information:

- Dear customers,

please, read carefully these notes. Here I will describe the reasons, why I could decline Your invitation:

- if You ask to promote marihuana or cannabis (exception - is a medecine) - I will not accept the invitation.

- if You ask me to create the logo, that promote the killing of animals - I will not accept the invitation. I'm vegetarian.

- if You ask to promote the cigarettes or drugs - I will not accept the invitation.

I prefer to promote yoga, health, natural products, vegetarian food or something like that. All that make the conflict with my vision of the Life is not acceptable for me. Sorry. As I said before, all I do has to help this World to become better.

Если у Вас условия работы следующие: "у нас не болеют", "у нас не отпрашиваются вылечить зубы", "мы в камеры наблюдения следим, сколько раз вы вышли в туалет и сколько раз посмотрели в окно", "у работника не должно быть ни семьи, ни друзей, ни родителей", "мы работаем под лозунгом - любой ценой до победного конца (жертвуя здоровьем подчиненных)", "мы работаем без праздников, выходных и отпуск у нас неделя в году",  и при этом зарплаты у вас больше похожи на сдачу в супермаркете, т.е. иными словами Вы нарушаете нормы труда и Законы Украины о труде, УБЕДИТЕЛЬНАЯ ПРОСЬБА, меня не беспокоить и подумать, почему у сотрудников Goggle в главном офисе такой высокий уровень креатива, работоспособности и почему сама компания процветает.

Я не люблю работать в офисных условиях. Дело в том, что в любом офисе найдутся люди, которые вместо того, чтобы  работать, вливают в уши остальных сотрудников свой бытовой мусор (личные проблемы дома), и которые крайне мешают использовать мозг и время эффективно.  Я не люблю тратить место в своем мозгу и свое время на таких людей, особенно если в офисе не разрешено использовать беруши или Вам крайне накладно выделить для команды дизайнеров отдельный кабинет.

Спасибо за понимание :)